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6000 B.C. Cannabis seeds used for food in China     


4000 B.C. Textiles made of hemp are used in China. Remains have been found of hemp fibres from this period and from Turkestan a century later.


2727 B.C. First recorded use of cannabis as medicine in Chinese pharmacopoeia. In every part of the world humankind has used cannabis for a wide variety of health problems.


1500 B.C. Cannabis cultivated in China for food and fibre.


1200 - 800 B.C. Bhang ( dried cannabis leaves, seeds and stems ) is mentioned in the Hindu sacred text Atharva Veda (Science and Charms ) as "Sacred grass", one of the five sacred plants of India. It is used medicinally and ritually as an offering to Shiva.


700 - 600 B.C The Zoroastrian Zend-Avesta, an ancient Persian religious text of several hundred volumes, and said to have been written by Zarathustra ( Zoroaster ), refers to bhang as Zoroaster's "good narcotic".


700 - 300 B.C. Scythian tribes leave cannabis seeds as offerings in royal tombs.


500 B.C. Scythian couple die and are buried with two small tents covering censers. Attached to one tent stick was a decorated leather pouch containing wild cannabis seeds. This closely matches the stories told by Herodotus. The grave site, discovered in the late 1940's, was in Pazryk, northwest of the Tien Shan mountains in modern-day Kazakhstan.


500 B.C. Hemp is introduced into Northern Europe by the Scythian. An urn containing leaves and seeds of the cannabis plant, unearthed near Berlin, is dated about this time.





500 - 100 B.C. Hemp spreads throughout northern Europe.


430 B.C. Herodotus reports on both ritual and recreational use of cannabis by the Scythian.


100 - 0 B.C. The psychotropic properties of cannabis are mentioned in the newly compiled herbal Pen Ts'ao Ching which is attributed to an emperor c. 2700 B.C.


0 - 100 A.D. Construction of Samartian gold and glass stash box for storing hashish, coriander, or salt, buried in Siberian tomb.


70 A.D. Dioscorides mentions the use of cannabis as a Roman medicament.


170 A.D. Galen ( Roman ), alludes to the psycho-activity of cannabis seed confections.

500 - 600 A.D. The Jewish Talmud mentions the euphoric properties of cannabis.


900 - 1000 A.D. Scholars debate the pros and cons of eating hashish. Use spreads through Arabia.


1090 - 1256 In Khorasan, Persia, Hasan ibn al-Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain, recruits followers to commit assassinations.....legends develop around their supposed use of hashish. These legends are some of the earliest written tales of the discovery of the inebriating powers of cannabis and the supposed use of hashish.


12th Century Cannabis is introduced to Egypt during the reign of the Ayyubid dynasty on the occasion of the flooding of Egypt by mystic devotees coming from Syria.


1155 - 1221 Persian legend of the Sufi master Sheik Haidar's of Khorasan's personal discovery of cannabis and its subsequent spread to Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt and Syria. Another of the earliest written narratives of the use of cannabis as an inebriate.


13th Century The oldest monograph on hashish, Zahr al-'arish fi tahrim al-hashish, was written. It has since been lost.


13th Century Ibn al-Baytar of Spain provides a description of psycho-active cannabis.


13th Century Arab traders bring cannabis to the Mozambique coast of Africa


1231 Hashish introduced to Iraq in the reign of Caliph Mustansir.


1271 - 1295 Journeys of Marco Polo in which he gives second-hand reports of the story of Hasan ibn al-Sabbah and his "assassins", using hashish. This is the first time reports of cannabis have been brought to the attention of Europe.


1378 Ottoman Emir Soudoun Scheikhouni issues one of the first edicts against the eating of hashish.


1526 Babur Nama, first emperor and founder of Mughal Empire learned of hashish in Afghanistan.


1549 Angolan slaves brought cannabis with them to the sugar plantations of northeastern Brazil. They were permitted to plant their cannabis between rows of cane, and to smoke it between harvests.


mid 16th Century The epic poem, Benk u Bode, by the poet Mohammed Edn Soleiman Foruli of Baghdad, deals allegorically with a dialectical battle between wine and hashish.


17th Century Use of hashish, alcohol, and opium spreads among the population of occupied Constantinople.


1606 - 1632 French and British cultivate cannabis for hemp at their colonies in Port Royal - 1606, Virginia - 1611, and Plymouth 1632.


Late 17th Century Hashish becomes a major trade item between Central Asia and South Asia.


1798 Napoleon discovers that much of the Egyptian lower class habitually uses hashish. He declares a total prohibition. Soldiers returning to France bring the tradition with them.


19th Century Hashish production expands from Russian Turkestan into Yarkland in Chinese Turkestan.


1809 Antoine Sylvestre de Sacy, a leading Arabist, reveals the etymology of the words "assassin" and "hashishin".


1840 In America, medicinal preparations with a cannabis base are available. Hashish also available in Persian pharmacies.


1843 Le Club des Hachichins, or Hashish Eaters Club, established in Paris. Has its heyday in 1840s.


1850 Hashish appears in Greece.


1856 British tax ganja and charas trade in India.


1870 - 1880 First reports of hashish smoking on Greek mainland.


c. 1875 Cultivation of hashish introduced into Greece.


1877 Kerr reports on Indian ganja and charas trade.


1890 Greek Department of Interior prohibits import, cultivation and use of hashish.


1890 Hashish made illegal in Turkey


1893 - 1894 The India Hemp Drugs Commission Report is issued.


1893 - 1894 70,000 to 80,000 kg of hashish legally imported into India from Central Asia each year.


1906 Pure Food and Drug Act is passed, regulating the labelling of products containing alcohol, opiates, cocaine and cannabis among others. The law went into effect January 1st 1907.


Early 20th Century Hashish smoking very popular throughout the Middle East.


1915 - 1927 Cannabis begins to be prohibited for non medical use in the U.S.,especially in south west states....California - 1915, Texas - 1919, Louisiana - 1924, and New York - 1927.


1920 Metaxus dictators in Greece crack down on hashish smoking.


1920s Hashish smuggled into Egypt from Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Central Asia.


1926 Lebanese hashish production peaks after World War I until prohibited in 1926.


1928 Recreational use of cannabis is banned in Britain.


1930 Yarkand region of Chinese Turkestan exports 91,471 kg of hashish legally into the Northwest Frontier and Punjab regions of India.


1930s Legal taxed imports of hashish continue into India from Central Asia.


1934 - 1935 Chinese government moves to end all cannabis cultivation in Yarkland and charas traffic from Yarkland. Both licit and illicit hashish production become illegal in Chinese Turkestan.


1936 Propaganda film "Reefer Madness" made to scare American youth away from using cannabis.


1937 Cannabis made federally illegal in the U.S. with the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act.


1938 Supply of hashish from Chinese Turkestan nearly ceases.


1940s Greek hashish smoking tradition fades.


1941 Indian government considers cultivation in Kashmir to fill void of hashish from Chinese Turkestan.


1941 - 1942 Hand-rubbed charas from Nepal is choicest hashish in India during World War II. 





Hotel de Lauzun in Paris,
home of the Hashish Club

1945 Legal hashish consumption continues in India.


1945 - 1955 Hashish use in Greece flourishes again.


1950s Hashish still smuggled into India from Chinese Central Asia.


1950s Moroccan government tacitly allows Kif cultivation in Rif mountains.


1962 First hashish made in Morocco.


1963 Turkish police seize 2.5 tons of hashish.


1965 Mustafa comes to Ketama in Morocco to make hashish from local Kif.


1966 The Moroccan government attempts to purge Kif growers from Rif mountains.


1967 "Smash", the first hashish oil appears. Red Lebanese reaches California.


1967 The Beatles pay for a full page advertisement in a British Newspaper, which states, "The law against marijuana is immoral in principle and unworkable in practise."


Late 1960s - early 1970s 'The Brotherhood' popularises Afghan hashish.


1970 - 1973 Huge fields of cannabis are cultivated for hashish production in Afghanistan.Truly great hashish is available !


1972 The President Nixon appointed Shafer Commission urged use of cannabis be re-legalised, but their recommendation was ignored. Medical research continues.


Early 1970s Lebanese red and blond hashish of very high quality exported. The highest quality Turkish hashish from Gaziantep near Syria appears in western Europe.


Early 1970s Afghan hashish varieties introduced to North America for sinsemilla production. Westerners bring metal sieve cloths to Afghanistan. Law enforcement efforts against hashish begin in Afghanistan.


1973 Nepal bans the cannabis shops and charas ( hand-rolled hash ) export.


1973 Afghan government makes hashish production and sales illegal. Afghan harvest is pitifully small.


1976 - 1977 Quality of Lebanese hashish reaches zenith.


1978 Westerners make sieved hashish in Nepal from wild cannabis.


Late 1978 Increasing manufacture of "modern" Afghan hashish. Cannabis varieties from Afghanistan imported into Kashmir for sieved production.


1980 Paul McCartney is arrested by Japanese officials at Tokyo International airport when they find two plastic bags in his suitcase containing 219 grams of marijuana.


1980s Morocco becomes one, if not the largest, hashish producing and exporting nations.


1980s "Border" hashish produced in northwestern Pakistan along the Afghan border to avoid Soviet-Afghan war.


Early 1980s Quality of Lebanese hashish declines.


1983 - 1984 Small amounts of the last high-quality Turkish hashish appear.


1985 Hashish still produced by Muslims of Kashgar and Yarkland ( NW China ).


1986 Most private stashes of pre-war Afghan hashish in Amsterdam, Goa and America are nearly finished.


1987 Moroccan government cracks down upon cannabis cultivation in lower elevations of Rif mountains.


1988 In the U.S. DEA administrative law Judge Francis Young finds after thorough hearings that marijuana has clearly established medical use and should be re-classified as a prescriptive drug. His recommendation is ignored.


1993 Cannabis eradication efforts resume in Morocco.


1993 Notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar is hunted down and killed by Colombian police making use of

 US technology. At his funeral days later, tens of thousands of Medellin residents come out to mourn him.


1994 Heavy fighting between rival Muslim clans continues to upset hashish trade in Afghanistan.


1994 Border hashish still produced in Pakistan.


1995 Introduction of hashish-making equipment and appearance of locally produced hashish in Amsterdam coffee-shops.


1995 Howard Marks released from United States Federal Penitentiary, Terra Haute, Indiana. At the height of his career he was smuggling consignments of up to 30 tons from Pakistan and Thailand to America and Canada. ( 'Mr Nice.' )


1996 Actor and activist Woody Harrelson is arrested and charged with cultivation of fewer than five marijuana plants, after planting four industrial hemp seeds in full view of Lee County Sheriff, William Kilburn in Lexington, Kentucky.


2000 Lions Gate Films releases, "Grass", the Woody Harrelson / Ron Mann - directed documentary about the history of marijuana in 20th Century America.


2000 Former US President Bill Clinton is quoted in 'Rolling Stone': " I think that small amounts of marijuana have been decriminalised in some places, and should be".


2001 An Editorial in the, ' The Lancet' - the United Kingdom top medical journal - criticises the futility of drug prohibition and America's present anti-drug strategies.


2001 Britian's Home Secretary, David Blunkett, proposes relaxing the classification of cannabis from a class B to a class C drug.


2002 Drug Czar John Walters travels to Las Vegas, Nevada and begins two days of making appearances around the state illegally lobbying against question 9; a proposal to amend the state constitution by making the possession of three ounces or less of marijuana legal for adults. The measure is defeated at the polls the following month.


2003 Canada is the first country in the world to offer medical marijuana to its patients.


2003 James Geddes, originally sentenced to 150 years for possession of a small amount of marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia and for growing five marijuana plants is released.


2003 Comedian Tommy Chong begins a nine-month federal prison sentence for opening a glass blowing shop that sold pipes to marijuana smokers.


2004 news services releases an article entitled, " Cannabis Truly Helps Multiple Sclerosis Suffers," reporting on new research confirming marijuana's efficacy in treating pain and muscle spasms associated with suffers of the disease.


2004 Russia makes possession of all drugs in amounts for personal use a civil rather than criminal offence, subject to a fine.


2004 Spain moves drugs brief from Ministry of the Interior to Minister of Health.


2005 Transform Drug Policy Foundation ( UK ), King County Bar Association ( US ) and Health Officers Council of British Columbia ( Canada ), release papers covering the failings of prohibition and suggesting models for legalisation and regulation of currently illegal drugs.


2006 United Kingdom House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology report on drug classifications is released. The report roundly condemns the Home Office for their rigid defence of the current A - C drug classification system. The system is based on historical precedent, vagaries of public opinion and media hysteria and the misuse of the criminal justice system to ' send out a signal,' rather than on an evidence-based hierarchy of harm as it is supposed to be - a circumstance demonstrated most blatantly by the fact that alcohol and tobacco are not included in this supposed scale of harms. Furthermore, these signals are completely ineffective in deterring drug use.


2007 Pressure is building across Europe for drug law reform. Portuguese drug policy has now been in place for five years and has produced impressive, proven results in combating drug-related crime and reducing fatalities. Meanwhile, the Netherlands is gradually progressing plans for the state production and distribution of cannabis, aiming to eliminate the criminality controlled area of discrepancy between the de facto decriminalisation of cannabis possession and small scale sales and the criminalisation of its wholesale production and supply.  

Rif mountains in the province of Chefchaouen


             420 Cannabis code. Please support.

                           PASS IT ON.

2007 FOURTWENTYDAY 08 is up and running. How far and how much support it will get only time will tell. There is a whole community out there that understand and embrace 420 and have done so for a number of years. Hopefully, FOURTWENTY DAY 08 will expand this and the whole cannabis using world will celebrate, with old and new friends -FOURTWENTYDAY 08 - April 20th, 2008 - 4:20 pm.




2008 BBC 'Horizon' aired February 5th 9:00pm BBC 2 UK - 'Is alcohol worse than ecstasy ?'

Latest scientific evidence behind 20 of the UK's most widely used drugs. Based on a radical reassessment of the dangers of drugs using science.All easily available.

Plus the MIS-USE of the 1971 (out-dated), Drugs Act 1971. A, B and C classifications. 3 questions asked:

a) What the drug does to a person

b) How addictive is the drug

c) Consequences to society i.e. health, crime, family values.


1 - Heroin -                   300,000 users -     700 relate deaths

2 - Cocaine -                 780,000 users -     214 related deaths

3 - Barbiturates -           Unknown users -   20 related deaths

4 - Street methadone -   33,000 users -      295 related deaths

5 - Alcohol -                  40 million users -  40,000 related deaths - Britains biggest health problem

6 - Ketamine -               100,000 users -    1 related death

7 - Benzodiazepines     100,000 users -     406 related deaths   (Valium etc)

8 - Amphetemines         430,000 users -    35 related deaths     (Speed etc)

9 - Tobacco                  10 million users -  114,000 related deaths - 1/5 of all UK deaths - 40% all UK

10 - Buprenorphine        Unknown users -   2 related deaths

11 - Cannabis              3 million users -    1 related death - if NOT mixed with tobacco

12 - Solvents                30,000 users -       50/60 related deaths - 5 to 20 children - highly toxic

13 - 4MTA (Flatliner)     Unknown users -    0 related deaths

14 - LSD                      83,000 users -       0 related deaths - Non toxic

15 - Methylplemate       40,000 users -       0 related deaths

16 - Anabolic Steroids   42,000 users -       0 related deaths - England and Wales only

17 - GHB                     Unknown users but low - 0 related deaths

18 - Ecstasy                500,000 users        27 related deaths - developed in 1912

19 - Amyl nitrate          400,000 users        0 related deaths        (Poppers)

20 - Khat -                   40,000 users         0 related deaths        (Another plant)


2009 - January 26th - The UK clasification of cannabis goes up to 'B' again despite advice from UK scientists. 


2009 - April - 420 day is bigger and better. Awareness of 420 in the UK, USA and Canada grows and grows.           



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