Peace, love and unity

    Coming to a garden near you soon ......





Pot Smokers New Year has not really been celebrated in the UK before 2008. Hopefully,through this web site, more people are now aware of 420: the cannabis code, the time of day and April 20th.

A newsletter has been sent out to remind everyone 420day is not far away now.


NB - Up until a month ago it was all systems go to stage an event on April 20th 2009 in Sefton Park, Liverpool, UK.

However, after taking police advice and approaching other organisations for their opinions regarding said advice, I decided that 2009 would not attract the numbers required for us to be safe from prosecution.

I was hoping a 'Modus Vivendi' would be put in place - re a 'law' would be broken if people were to light up a joint at 4:20pm, April 20th, 2009, in Sefton Park, but because of the numbers doing this, the law would not be acted upon.

But if the numbers were low then action would be taken by the authorities.

I do not want people to be arrested celebrating Pot Smokers New Year and for smoking the herb, and especially as it is also meant to represent a day of peace, love and unity !

The fight goes on and hopefully as we move through 2009 and into 2010 the numbers understanding and supporting 420 cannabis code will grow and grow, making it essential we have an organised event in 2010.

I would still like it to take place in Liverpool, UK as although open to debate, I believe Liverpool, allegedly, is the Pot Smoking Capital of the UK.

Anyway, as the headline above states:- 'Coming to a garden near you soon..............'

Hopefully, everyone out there, worldwide, will embrace April 20th and organise their own parties and celebrations.

This does not have to be exactly timed at 4:20am or pm but anytime that day. Yes, 4:20 as a time is important as per the bells and fireworks on December 31st but it is enjoing the whole day that is more at this moment in time.

As 420 grows then so will the code, the time of day and Pot Smokers New Year and in the future years lighting up at 4:20pm on April 20th will become worldwide.

Good luck to Canada and the USA in their April 20th celebrations this year and I truly hope the numbers attending open air events will have grown on last year.

Watch out - The UK is catching up fast. REMEMBER EVERYDAY IS FOURTWENTYDAY

Peace, love and unity. 







MONDAY APRIL 20TH 2009 - 4:20PM



Get up, stand up !  Stand up for your right !

     Don't give up the fight - Bob Marley


Peace, love and unity


Monday April 20th 4:20am/pm 2009


Special thanks to -


Alan Buffry - The Legalise Cannabis Alliance in the UK

for his continued support:


Howard Marks - 'Book of Dope Stories' - an anthology.

An excellent source of information and inspiration.

Read Howards other book 'Mr Nice'. An outstanding read:


Also Derek for links and support:


'I never understood that line.

The point was to inhale.

That was the point.'

Barack Obama, when asked,

"Unlike other Presidents, did you inhale?"


Barack Hussein Obama - 44th President of The United States. Born August 4th, 1961, aged 47 


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